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In-Person Workshops at Florida Gulf Coast University

Al A Carte: 1 Workshops = $511 per topic

Weekly Meets: 12 Workshops = $4,932 - $6,132

BiWeekly Meets: 24 Workshops = $9,864 - $12,264

We host routine workshops designed for students to have fun while learning pivotal elements to entrepreneurial mindset. If you're an organization interested in our workshops don't hesitate to reach out or book now! 

In-Person & Remote Mentorship

We serve the youth with mentorship, 1 on 1 or in groups i.e. youth programs that are seeking guidance, support, and advice for students in order to help them develop life-skills, entrepreneurial knowledge, and navigate personal challenges.

Career & Life-Skill Mentorship

Hourly Rate: $110

Entrepreneurship Mentorship

Hourly Rate: $125

The Strive Hall Effect



In-Person & Online High School Tutoring

We serve to tutor high school level students within any educational subject. We introduce several exercises and techniques to enhance grades and study habits.

Academic Subjects - Math/Science/English/History

Hourly Rate: $60

Test Preparation - SAT/ACT 

Hourly Rate: $100

Speaking Engagements

We embrace speaking engagements to offer a valuable avenue for networking, fostering connections with like-minded individuals, industry professionals, and potential collaborators. Sharing the Strive Hall story to inspire, teach, and learn with listeners.

Local Events or Small Organizations:

Keynote Address (45-60 minutes): $500 - $1,500

Panels or Breakout Session (90 minutes): $750 - $2,000

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